Design Walks

Design walks of Istanbul Design Biennial including visits to several design offices, stores, ateliers, manufacturing sites and architectural buildings in different parts of the city, will offer a brand new vision of Istanbul. The Design walks sponsored by o.d.m watches, creates the opportunity for participants to observe and get information on several disciplines and stages of design. The walks will be organised in November in 8 different routes that are Kuzguncuk, Beyoğlu-Cihangir-Galatasaray, Şişhane-Galata, Nişantaşı-Teşvikiye, Sultanahmet, Fener-Balat and Karaköy and Design Walk with TasaPlatform.

Nişantaşı – Teşvikiye Design Walk   3hrs. 40min.
Dates: 3, 9, 17, 23 and 30 November 2012
Starting point: Osmanbey Subway stop, Dolapdere exit, at 10:00am

Nişantaşı –Teşvikiye route offers an opportunity to visit the designers of Istanbul working in divergent fields ranging from communications to footwear, from fashion to landscaping and floral design. Along the route, the participants will be able to get the specific information about designers’ work and observe their workshops.

Kuzguncuk Design Walk 4hrs. 30min.
Dates: 2, 9, 17 and 23 November 2012
Starting point: Kuzguncuk Pier, at 10:00am

This route is located in Kuzguncuk, a neighbourhood where the three monotheistic religions amalgamate and evoke their presence, and follows the traces of peace inspired by this reality and the serenity characteristic of Istanbul’s historical neighbourhoods. Along the route, the temples of different religions that came to be the landmarks of the neighbourhood, studios of the important names of the world of architecture and Simotas Building which provides a common space for creative individuals that work in diverse fields such as food, fashion and brand design will be visited.

Sultanahmet Design Walk 4hrs.
Dates: 2, 10, 16, 24, 30 November 2012
Starting point: In front of Istanbul Mosaic Museum, at 10:00am

During the Sultanahmet Design Walk, the participants will visit centuries old historical structures and monuments, listen the secrets of jewellery design from the designers themselves, discover the unknown corners of the Grand Bazaar and meet its artisans and tradesmen. In Sultanahmet Design Walk, while you listen the stories of designs in the stores of famous designers and brands, you will be able observe the processes through which thousands of different materials transform into design products.

Karaköy Design Walk 3hrs. 10min.
Dates: 2, 10, 16, 24 and 30 November 2012
Starting point: Kamondo Stairs, at 10:00am

Karaköy Design Walk follows the traces of important architectural structures, design stores and workshops in the streets of a very young neighbourhood with its historical character and newly blossoming creative venues. The participants will have the opportunity to see various exhibitions, while visiting different workshops and stores. This route invites those design enthusiasts who want to discover how furniture and jewellery designers work, or learn where the most mysterious church of Istanbul is located, to join this exciting trip.

Galata – Şişhane Design Walk 4hrs.
Dates: 3, 9, 17, 23 and 30 November 2012
Starting point: In front of IKSV Design Store, at 10:00am

This route offers a design walk that covers venues ranging from manufacturing workshops in Şişhane to design stores in historical Galata district and artisanal workshops that are rarely found in the city today. Through the historical structures, artisans of woodwork, lighting manufacturers and fashion design stores, the participants who would like to learn the stories and design processes of the distinctive products of both contemporary design and the collaboration between artisans and designers, will enjoy an experience beyond their expectations.

Fener – Balat Design Walk 2hrs. 45min.
Days: 2, 10, 16 and 23 November 2012
Starting point: In front of Rezan Has Museum, at 10:00am

Are you curious about that magnificent red architectural masterpiece that overlooks Golden Horn? While following this route, the participants will discover one of the most distinctive neighbourhoods of Istanbul by visiting different venues from different disciplines such as design studios, glass manufacturers and museums. The Fener-Balat Design Walk that offers many unforeseen ideas, venues and beauties is a peculiar opportunity to start exploring the city.

Beyoglu-Galatasaray- Cihangir Design Walk 4hrs. 10min.
Dates: 3, 9, 17 and 23 November 2012
Starting point: Tünel Square, at 10:00am

While visiting the designers, bookstores and prominent architectural structures located at the most lively and dynamic centre of Istanbul, this design walk interprets the monumental historical structures with a contemporary energy. It reveals several beauties that we encounter every day, yet do not appreciate, from a design point of view. The participants will be hosted in one of the rare venues that focus on food design in Istanbul and visit furniture designers in their workshops.

Design Walk with TasaPlatform 4hrs.
Date: 24 November 2012
Starting point: In front of Ortakoy Mosque, at 11:00am

Moderated and presented by Prof. Murat Güvenç, this walk will start from Gaziosmanpaşa Primary School, damaged severely by a fire a few years ago, and Esma Sultan Mansion, which also was damaged after a fire to remain merely as “four walls”. It will follow a route that covers, Yıldız, Çırağan and Dolmabahçe palaces and İnönü Football Stadium and be concluded at Istanbul Modern. During the walk, using the palaces, the concepts of “Musibet” and “Adhocracy” will be examined within the context of subject/citizen/state/architecture and modernization, which encompasses the notions of social engineering and design. Using the stadium, the historical perspective from Arena to Agora will also be examined.

* Bet Yaakov Sinagogu’na giriş yapabilmek için yabancı katılımcıların pasaport,Türk katılımcıların ise nüfus cüzdanı fotokopilerini rota tarihinden 5 gün öncesine kadar adresine e-posta ile göndermesi gerekmektedir. (17.11.2012 Cumartesi günü hariç)
* Rezan Has Müzesi giriş ücreti katılımcılar tarafından ödenecektir, rehberli Türkçe turlar ücretsizdir. Bulgar Kilisesi, tadilat çalışmaları sebebiyle yalnızca dışarıdan görülecektir.
* Masumiyet Müzesi’nin giriş ücreti tur ücretine dahil değildir. Masumiyet Müzesi kitabına sahip olan katılımcılar, müze girişi sayfasını damgalatarak ücretsiz giriş yapabilirler. Katılımcılardan rehberli tur için 5 TL ek ücret alınacaktır. Müzeye girmek istemeyen katılımcılar, yürüyüşe devam etmek için, müze ziyareti süresince dışarıda beklemek zorundadır.

Important Notes
* Food expenses are not included in the tour fee.
** A certain discount is available for participants at the venues visited during the tour: Mavra Cafe (%10 ), İlya Cafe (%10), Aslan Restaurant (%10), Zamane Kahvesi (%10), Çukurcuma 49 (% 10), Karabatak Karaköy (%20).
*** Participant number is limited to 20 for all tours (with the exception of Design Walk with TasaPlatform, which is limited to 40). Tours with a sign-up number below 5 will be cancelled.

Tickets: 20 TL / € 10 (Design Walk with TasaPlatform 30 TL/ 15€ )

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Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts,
Nejat Eczacıbaşı Binası Sadi Konuralp
Caddesi No:5 Şişhane 34433 İstanbul
T: +90 (212) 334 08 38
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  1. By tima ouzden

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    Hello there!
    I wanted to inquire if design walks are still offered and if not if there are alternatives you could recommend?
    I work in design sector in UAE and would love to connect with Istanbul based designers/studios on my upcoming trip to Istanbul next week.
    Looking forward to your reply
    Tima Ouzden

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