New City Reader

NCR-10 [Balık] Makaleler
NCR-10 [Fish]: Fish is a Fishy Thing…
NCR-10 [Fish]: Interview with Roderick Sloan
NCR-10 [Fish]: Steven Spielberg Pisses Me Off!
NCR-10 [Fish]: Prohibitations Affect on Local Culture
NCR-10 [Fish]: “Tohum İzi Derneği” Earth and Sea
NCR-10 [Fish]: Hamsi Crisps with Olive Oil Bread

NCR-09 [Economy]: Currencies
NCR-09 [Economy]: The Disruptive Innovation of Peer-to-Peer International Trade
NCR-09 [Economy]: Over-identifying Products and Productions
NCR-09 [Economy]: What is “Waste” Worth?
NCR-09 [Economy]: The Still Alternative

NCR-08 [Architecture] Texts
NCR-08 [Architecture]: Adhocracy Architecture, An Obituary | Free designs to take action in the streets of Istanbul
NCR-08 [Architecture]: Mapping Identity, Hotel Bus / DIY Bed and Breakfast Complex, The Barley Field, Live Load
NCR-08 [Architecture]: Virus Plug, Open Urban, The Retired City, TOKİ Dwellers, How to Set up a Popup Restaurant
NCR-08 [Architecture]: How to curate an extemporary show of Yona Friedman in the city of Istanbul, Re-reading Giancarlo De Carlo by Autlab, How to build your own House in six Steps, Immanent Testimony
NCR-08 [Architecture]: Occupy for a Self-Shaped City, Open Structures, Ik Zoek Asiel. How to Seek Asylum in the Netherlands, How to start your own Stratigraphic Manufactury
NCR-08 [Architecture]: How to make your own New City Reader, In Love We Trash, Design Demographics, Open Source Architecture, Ad-hoc Library

NCR-07 [Ecology] Texts
NCR-07 [Ecology]: In the Ecology of Risk
NCR-07 [Ecology]: Orchard the Brave Versus Transforming Istanbul
NCR-07 [Ecology]: An Interview with David Harvey: Practice of Commoning
NCR-07 [Ecology]: Ecological Risk and Speculation
NCR-07 [Ecology]: Prophecies on the Urban Space Through the Crystal Ball of Sustainability

NCR-06 [Industry] Texts
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: Dirty City
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: Re-evaluating the Future of Small Production Sites in Istanbul
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: Do We Have the Vision to Transform Industry-With-Chimneys to Cultural Industries?
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: Shared Wisdom Interfusing Industrial Heritage with the City
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: New Housing Areas Where Hunger is Satieted with More Industry
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: “Scenes” of Transformers
NCR-06 [Endüstri]: Mecidiyeköy Liqueur Factory – A Modern Architectural “Value” or and Investment Potential

List of NCR-05 [Letters] Texts
NCR-05 [Letters]: Orhan Pamuk
NCR-05 [Letters]: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gözde Severoğlu, Indy Johar, Haluk Gerçek and Mimi Zeiger
NCR-05 [Letters]: Shumon Basar, Superpool, Füsun Türetken and Tom Dyckhoff
NCR-05 [Letters]: Charles Jencks, David Kohn, Seyla Benhabib and Merve Kaptan

List of NCR-04 [Horoscope] Texts
NCR-04 [Horoscope]: Musibet
NCR-04 [Horoscope]: The Ballard of Crab
NCR-04 [Horoscope]: (C) HOREOSCOPE?
NCR-04 [Horoscope]: Perfection, Imperfection, Reperfection
NCR-04 [Horoscope]: This Transient World May Collapse in Only a Day

List of NCR-03 [Puzzle] Texts
NCR-03 [Puzzle]: The Game
NCR-03 [Puzzle]: Rules of Terra Incognita

NCR-02 [Threshold] Makaleler
NCR-02 [Threshold] : Threshold
NCR-02 [Threshold] : On Craft Network with Artin Usta
NCR-02 [Threshold] : Cross Street, Temporary/Selective Memory and Male Heroism
NCR-02 [Threshold] : Athens: A Potential City of Thresholds?
NCR-02 [Threshold] : The Horizontally Resistant Defense Structure of the Vertically Growing City
NCR-02 [Threshold] : Beyoğlu District For Whom?

List of NCR-01 [Agenda] Texts
NCR-01 [Agenda]: Does Istanbul have design on its agenda?
NCR-01 [Agenda]: Reaching Beyond
NCR-01 [Agenda]: An Ad-hoc Revolution
NCR-01 [Agenda]: Reading the Streets
NCR-01 [Agenda]: Adhocracy

New City Reader
A new edition of the New City Reader will be published by İKSV in Istanbul in the months preceding the opening of the Design Biennale in October 2012. The New City Reader is a newspaper on architecture, public space and the city first published as part of The Last Newspaper, an exhibition held at the New Museum for Contemporary Art (New York City) in 2011. Each issue of the New City Reader is guest-edited by a contributing network of architects, theorists, and research groups who will bring their particular expertise to bear on the individual sections. In emulation of a practice common in the nineteenth century and still popular in parts of the world today, the New City Reader is designed to be posted in public for collective reading.

Conceived by Joseph Grima (Domus) and Kazys Varnelis (Netlab), this newspaper’s content is derived from a series of discussions, debates, interviews and research into the spatial implications of epochal shifts in technology, economy, and society today. The list of participating editors and date of launch of the first edition will be published shortly.

New York edition of the New City Reader