Film Screening

Fasion Movies from Netherlands (SALON Amsterdam)
55 min
Netherlands, 2012
This movie selection in colloboration with SALON Amsterdam, combines the workshops movies, advertisements, graduation ceremonies, experimantals works and creative shorts by a variety of designers.

İstanbul Modern
16 October 2012 Friday 13:00

L’Amour Fou: Yves Saint Laurent
Pierre Thoretton
98 min.
France, 2010

Shortly after the death of the iconic fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (1936 – 2008), his lover Pierre Bergé speaks to the camera about the years they spent together. We encounter the life story of Yves Saint Laurent, who became creative director of the Christian Dior fashion house back then at the age of 21, from their first meeting through to his death, including all unknown aspects of the famous fashion designer from his twice-annual collections to his life in Marrakech, his depression, drug use and retirement. The story ends with the boxing up and auctioning of the designer’s huge art collection. Archival photos, news bulletins, as well as interviews give a distinctive taste to Bergé’s story.

French Culture Center
13 November 2012 Tuesday 19:00
14 November 2012 Wednesday 13:00

Beijing Taxi
Miao Wang
78 min.
USA, 2010
Chinese (Mandarin)

Beijing Taxi depicts a current, uncensored and rich cinematic portrait of the ancient capital of China undergoing a profound transformation process. The movie, which uses the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games as a background, provides a deep and detailed perspective into the lives of three taxi drivers confronting modern issues and changing values. Through the daily lives of the three taxi drivers blended with a sense of humor and silent acceptance, Beijing Taxi reveals the complexity and conflicts of China’s changing paradigms. The movie offers us a poetic journey with images from a community facing the struggles of modernization.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
5 November 2012 Monday 13:00
29 November 2012 Thursday 17:00

Corviale, il Serpentone
Heidrun Holzfeind
34 min.
Austria, 2001

Corviale Roma is a housing project covering an area with a total length of 1 kilometer located in Italy. The construction was planned for a capacity of 9,500 people based on Le Corbusier’s social housing ideas. In 1972, it was designed by a group of architects under the leadership of Mario Fiorentino in order to solve the housing problems of working class families and was completed in 1983. Today, however, it is seen as a ghetto area characterized by high rates of unemployment, crime and drug use. The movie tries to reveal the failure of utopian modernist architecture by way of using the perspective of the people living in these buildings. The movie meets the audience in sequences resembling music videos through interviews with the residents accompanied by the Roman Hip-Hop songs characterized by social issues, which also include the theme of the movie.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
7 November 2012 Wednesday 17:00
27 November 2012 Tuesday 13:00

Design the New Business
Eric Roscam Abbing
38 min.
Netherlands, 2011

Certainly, since the very beginning, designers and businesspeople have always worked together. Driven by this relationship, Design the New Business presents the interesting stories of designers and businesspeople seeking new ways of overcoming difficult and serious issues facing today’s business life. The design and business world can no longer be considered separate domains each with individual purposes and objectives. The movie depicts how design and business lives, which constitute the main theme of the movie, collaborate by way of bringing together design service providers, education experts and organizations embracing design as a part of their core approach on an international platform.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
8 November 2012 Thursday 13:00
26 November 2012 Monday 17:00

God Save My Shoes
Julie Benasra
60 min.
France, 2011

God Save My Shoes is the first ever documentary that attempts to study the intimate relationship between women and their shoes from a psychological, socio-cultural and erotic perspective. The movie travels into women’s spirits as well as closets with an aim to understand why shoes are the most addictive and seductive accessories. It addresses the cultural significance of shoes from historical items to today’s stiletto heels, and from Marilyn Monroe to Sex & the City. The movie features celebrities with shoe addictions such as Fergie, Dita Von Teese and Kelly Rowland, as well as legendary designers such as Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Pierre Hardy.

Fransız Kültür Merkezi
12 November 2012 Moday 13:00
15 November 2012 Thursday 19:00

Gary Hustwit
80 min.
England, 2007

Helvetica – the first leg of Gary Hustwit’s design trilogy – is an independent feature-length documentary about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It’s extremely interesting footage depicts how a font which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007 has affected our lives. The movie presents a perspective into our lives by investigating public areas in big cities and the font types used in such places. Leading global designers tell why they prefer the Helvetica font and their related experiences. The movie, which brings together the worlds of film-making, design, advertisement, psychology and communication, beckons the audience to discover the power of fonts that we meet everyday.

Pera Museum
6 November 2012 Tuesday 15:00
13 November 2012 Tuesday 19:00
TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
19 November 2012 Monday 17:00
21 Novemeber 2012 Wednesday 13:00

John Portman: A Life of Building
Ben Loeterman
52 min.
USA, 2011

Once a maverick who was almost discharged from the American Institute of Architects, John Portman is now recognized as one of the most creative and imitated designers of all time. For over 45 years, Portman’s iconic urban statements and dazzling interiors have been seen in 60 cities on four continents from redefined urban designs in America to newly constructed buildings in China. The movie describes Portman’s approach and works in the form of an intimate portrait. Dramatic time-lapse footage often visualizes Portman’s buildings at their best in moving sunlight that touches the building walls and interiors.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
8 November 2012 Thursday 17:00
26 November 2012 Monday 13:00
İstanbul Modern
18 November 2012 Sunday 17:00

Lagerfeld Confidential
Rodolphe Marconi
89 min.
France, 2007

Fascinated by ‘the man behind the sunglasses’, French director Rodolphe Marconi had been planning to shoot a documentary about Karl Lagerfeld for over ten years. The project is the outcome of the dedication and passion of a young director receiving an award at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. The movie was intended to constitute a reference portrait as there was no biographic document such as a book or movie about Karl Lagerfeld to date. The footage, which witnesses nearly a century and an era, aims to light the paths of an audience wandering inside a creative brain. Karl Lagerfeld is now a part of both French and global culture. And this creative documentary is a mirror reflecting his life and history…

French Culture Center
12 November 2012 Monday 19:00
15 November 2012 Thursday 13:00

Mugaritz B.S.O
Felipe Ugarte & Juantxo Sardon
72 min.
Spain, 2011

‘Mugaritz BSO’ is a project in which chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and musician Felipe Luis Ugarte bring gastronomy and music together. Musician Ugarte Mugaritz conducted research for three years to combine the preparation and history of recipes used at his restaurant with the language of music. The primary purpose of the documentary, which utilized the colors, transformation ability and textural richness of both the cuisine and music worlds, was to depict the creative process through describing the development of ideas and how they are transferred into the domain of musical composition. The quality, sensitivity, and synthesis, which together define Mugaritz’s character, were the key elements in developing this project. The movie starts with the meeting of chef and musician, and continues with an irresistible design journey…

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
5 November 2012 Monday 17:00
29 November 2012 Thursday 13:00

Gary Hustwit
75 min.
USA, 2009

Objectified is the second part of Gary Hustwit’s design trilogy. It is a documentary about our complex relations with manufactured objects and by extension, the people who design them. It investigates the spirit of creativeness underlying the manufacturing process of a wide range of objects from toothbrushes to technological devices, and describes, on a daily basis, the designers reviewing, re-evaluating and re-creating our immediate surroundings. It deals with the topics of personal expression, identity, consumption and sustainability. Enriched with real images and detailed interviews, the movie documents the creative processes of the most acclaimed global product designers and tries to answer how they affect our lives. What can we learn about who we are and who we actually wish to be by way of looking at the objects that surround us?

Pera Museum
13 November 2012 Tuesday 15:00
20 November 2012 Tuesday 19:00
TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
20 November 2012 Tuesday 13:00
21 November 2012 Tuesday 17:00
Akbank Sanat
5 November 2012 Monday 15:00

People Can’t Wait
Travis Shields
6 min.
USA, 2008

This extremely powerful short-length movie undermines the so-called glory of Portland streets, and interrogates the reality of this myth dating back to the very beginning of film history. People Can’t Wait directed by Travis Shields from Seattle, USA, takes us on a journey to the South, and comes up with a profile of Randy Leonard’s toilets that are open for twenty-four hours. Some of the interviews done with people such as Victoria Taft explicitly reveal the theme of the movie: Toilet cleaner Rodney Haven describes his job as “daily sterilization of everything in a proper way”. And when the movie ends, everything disappears in those existential reflections again.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
7 November 2012 Wednesday 17:00
27 November 2012 Tuesday 13:00

Le Sofa Bubble Club
Anna-Célia Kendall
26 min.
France, 2005

Philippe Starck talks about the story of the Bubble Club sofa that he designed in 2000. We see how he reached such a simple, modern and creative idea from a classic model of the 1920s. The sofa, manufactured in soft and bright colors, is an industrial design object produced using cheap and recyclable materials. Therefore, it has advantages such as being waterproof, lightweight, durable and colorful… When used outdoors, it can even change your garden style. The movie, which uses archival footage, tells us how the design turned into an object that the social middle class had to buy and how the designer democratized his object with a sense of dark humor.

French Culture Center
13 November 2012 Tuesday 13:00
14 November 2012 Wednesday 19:00

Bu film Recetas Urbanas (Şehir Reçeteleri) ile ilgilidir: Kırmızı (En La Red)
Guillermo Cruz
53 min.
Spain, 2010
The container network is a project that originated from Recetas Urbanas (Urban Prescriptions) immediately after gypsies vacated their residential areas in the industry zone in Zaragoza. After their departure, Zaragoza Municipality proposed to Santiago Cirugeda the construction of 15 social housing units made of 45 containers, in order to prevent the zone from becoming a scrap yard. Cirugeda, an architect and social activist, immediately contacted numerous social activists throughout Spain who were dedicated to art, environment, policy and settlement works. He proposed that they use the containers as a social center or an area to realize their activities. This movie deserves attention as an interesting production that follows the steps of the project in cities such as Zaragoza, Barcelona, Cordoba, Galicia, Madrid, Tarragona, Girona, Torello and Seville.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
19 November 2012 Monday 13:00
20 Novemeber 2012 Tuesday 17:00

Gary Hustwit
85 min.
USA/England, 2011

Urbanized, which is the last part of Gary Hustwit’s design trilogy, is a feature-length documentary about urban design. The movie features some of the leading architects, planners, opinion leaders, builders and intellectuals while addressing the issues and strategies underlying urban design. More than half the world’s population lives in urban areas, seventy-five percent of which will define their district as a city in 2050. While some cities are growing at an incredible rate, others get smaller. Difficulties which are experienced in balancing houses, mobility, public areas, public involvement, economical development and environmental policies rapidly become universal issues. This movie is therefore very important…

Pera Museum
6 November 2012 Tuesday 19:00
20 November 2012 Tuesday 15:00
TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
22 November 2012 Thurdsay 13:00
27 November 2012 Tuesday 17:00
Akbank Sanat
5 November 2012 Monday 16:30

Utopia London
Tom Cordell
82 min.
England, 2010

Utopia London is a feature-length documentary investigating the recent architectural history of London. The movie takes a closer look at the methods and practices applied by Modernist architects that rebuilt London after World War II. It describes the revolutionary change in the urban life of the city after elimination of poor living conditions inherited from the Industrial Revolution and the destruction caused by the war. The director finds the architect of the neighbourhood where he was born and walks around the buildings with him. Utopia London displays the social and political agenda of the city’s re-construction period, and shows how the significance of those transformed buildings was manipulated over the years.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
7 November 2012 Wednesday 13:00
22 November 2012 Thursday 17:00

The Visual Language of Herbert Matter
Reto Caduff
78 min.
Switzerland, 2010

The documentary brings together the extraordinary life and major works of the all-around designer Herbert Matter. With historical images, old photographs and previously published documents, the movie helps people remember a creative genius who almost sank into oblivion. Iconic Switzerland travel posters, pavilions at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the photographs he took for Condé Nast publications, corporate image designs that he prepared for Knoll furniture and certainly, the countless catalogues he designed for MoMA and Guggenheim Museums… Director Reto Caduff, in his movie about this unique designer, also includes Matter’s peers and friends, such as Alberto Giacometti, Charles and Ray Eames and Jackson Pollock in the structure of his narrative.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
6 November 2012 Tuesday 17:00
28 November 2012 Wednesday 13:00

Welcome to Macintosh
Robert Baca
90 min.
USA, 2008

Welcome to Macintosh is an interesting feature-length documentary that combines history, criticism, as well as revelry of all information – which is intended to be impartial – about the famous Apple brand and its products. Whether a diehard Mac fanatic or new to the computer world, the movie invites the audience to take a journey and explore the many ways that the huge corporation, formerly known as Apple Computer and now known as Apple, Inc., has changed the world. This is a humorous and historical journey from the first days of Apple-I to all user experiences that the company offers today…

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
6 November 2012 Tuesday 13:00
28 November 2012 Wednesday 17:00
İstanbul Modern
1 December 2012 Saturday 17:00

Workshops at Boisbuchet
Deidi von Schaewen

23 min.
Switzerland, 2011

This 23-minute documentary presents to the audience the outputs and a behind-the-scenes look at different design workshops conducted last year as part of Boisbuchet. In this documentary, we also take an actual look at the design world by way of watching the creation and production processes of globally acclaimed designers such as Brückner and Brückner, Jaime Hayon, Tomoko Azumi, Maarten Baas, Anon Pairot, Richard Mc Guire, Jon Otis, Robert Kronenburg, Ulrike Brandi, Max Lamb, Stephen Burks, Amina Agueznay, Campana, Paul Haigh (Corning Museum of Glass) and Sevil Peach.

TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch
8 November 2012 Thursday 13:00
26 November 2012 Monday 17:00

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