September 19, 2013

NCR-10 [Fish]: Steven Spielberg Pisses Me Off!

A text by Mehmet Gürs from the pages of Fish, 10th and final issue of the New City Reader.

Get you numbers straight and then you’ll get why…

Today “An eye for an eye” is apparently not enough!! We need more blood…
We have to kill at least 25 million sharks for each human killed by a shark.

Go to any beach in the world, including the feared South African and Australian ones and you’ll find many, many, many more people that drown, smack their head or just croke some other way other than being eaten by a shark. Period! That’s a fact!

We all know the statistics of Shark vs. Toaster… Duh!!
But for some messed up reason we still comfortably put the pseudo bread in the toaster every morning and smear some weird chemicals on in posing as fat and eat comfortably thinking it’s safe.While at the same time we are still scared of the amazing creatures that has been around for over 400 millions of years, long before dinosaurs and obviously us. We get all glossy eyed when watching Avatar, but then again, that’s the movies.

Please remember that more or less 150 people die of coconuts falling on their head next time you’re sipping a frozen cocktail in the tropics.

I’m not evengetting into drinking and driving, not wearing seatbelt and texting while driving… you make the math!

Don’t we all like our dogs, man’s best friend, isn’t that right?! Huh!! In the US alone 50 people are killed by dogs, give ot take a few. Sharks eat up more or less 5 of us a year, worldwide!

This list could go on and on… how much more do we need to convince people?

Eureka!! I’ve got an idea. Why doesn’t Steven and his mates make up for their sins? They are great at making movies, we all know that. How about if they publicly admit that they truly messed with peoples minds, apologize and promise to make up for it. Then start making movies that show a little more of what’s really going on. I’m sure they can make a great, easy to watch, “no need for intellect” movie and still make some cash out of it.