May 24, 2012

‘Why Biennial?’ – Round Table Discussion

The pre-events for the Istanbul Design Biennial will continue with a roundtable discussion titled “Why Biennial?”, that will take place on May 26, 2012 at Milli Reasürans Conference Hall.

The preparations for Istanbul Design Biennial that will be organized by İKSV, has begun in 2010. Various pre-events held in the preparatory process targeted to improve the public perception of design. In this regard, Istanbul Design Biennial organized a series of comprehensive meetings, the International Design Symposium (2010 / Why design? Why biennial?), Question – Answer with International Designers, (2011 / Why design?), as well as 11 different international Workshops for university students in creative fields between 22-27 March 2012. There was a great interest shown in all the activities during the preparatory process.

The Istanbul Design Biennial that will open its doors on 13 Octorber 2012, will host a roundtable meeting titled “Why Biennial?” as its last pre-event, on Saturday, 26 May. Nine directors from leading international biennial and triennials in architecture and design fields will participate to the meeting. Participants will present detailed information about their activities and discuss the aims and effects of the increasing number of design organisations.

Giovanna Massoni, Director of Liege International Design Biennial; Matevž Čelik, Director of Ljubljana Bio-Biennial of Industrial Design; Elsa Francés, Manager of Design International Biennial St. Etienne & Exhibition; Guta Moura Guedes, Director of Experimenta Lisbon; Serge Serov, Director of Moscow International Graphic Design Biennial; Weiwen Huang, Director of Shenzhen-HongKong Bi-City Urbanism/Architecture Biennial Brendan McGetrick, Co-artistic Director of Gwangju Design Biennial 2011 and Beatrice Galilee Chief Curator of Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013 will participate to the meeting. the all-day sessions will be moderated by Istanbul Design Biennial Director Özlem Yalım Özkararoğlu.

“Why Biennial?” Roundtable meeting will be held between 09:30 and 17:00 at Milli Reasürans Conference Hall. Admissions will be free of charge and open to public. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Turkish-English.